Control cabinets

Radiolex cabinets and control panels are high-quality products with a wide range of applications. Thanks to a large selection of control cabinets, both internal and external, everyone will certainly adapt the cabinet to their needs. In addition to ready-made types, the offer also includes options that allow you to modify each product and create a housing according to an individual design.

Outdoor control cabinets and those used indoors are made of various materials. The most commonly used materials include steel, galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel. In addition, there are versions made of acid-resistant steel, which can be used in difficult conditions such as seaports, wharves, chemical plants and wherever aggressive corrosive factors occur. Stainless steel control cabinets made of the above materials provide excellent protection.

OZ IP 66 – Terminal box

OZ – is a small wall-mounted enclosure with compact dimensions and high tightness. The standard offer includes 24 di...


RSA IP 66 – Compact enclosure

RSA – is a small wall-mounted enclosure, universal in terms of configuration and use. The standard offer includes 63...


RSB IP 55 – Standard enclosure

RSB – is a large freestanding enclosure, universal in terms of configuration and use. The standard offer includes 63...


RR IP 55 – Rack enclosure

RR – is a large standing enclosure, characterized by the ability to connect several enclosures of the same type in s...



SZK-A - it is a small-sized standing or hanging enclosure, manufactured on the basis of the patented technology of g...


SZK-B IP 55 – Galvar large-format external enclosure

SZK-B is a large-size upright or wall-mounted enclosure manufactured using the patented GALVAR® bonding and riveting...


SZS IP 66 – Reinforced outdoor enclosure

SZS – is a reinforced wall-mounted or freestanding enclosure, characterized by high corrosion and ingress protection...


SZT IP 55 – External housing with thermal insulation

SZT - is an external stand alone housing, equipped with double-walls with insulation material of thickness 20 mm. It...


SZA IP 55 – Compact outdoor enclosure

SZA – is a small wall-mounted or freestanding enclosure, characterized by high corrosion protection properties, for ...


SZB IP 55 – Standard outdoor enclosure

SZB – jest to wielkogabarytowa obudowa stojąca lub wisząca, cechująca się wysokimi właściwościami ochrony antykorozy...


RSI IP 66 – Universal enclosure with 2nd class of protection

RSI - is a large-sized standing housing with 2nd class of protection. It is designed according to PN-EN 62208_2011 a...


RSC IP 66 / SZC IP 55 – 19-inch compact enclosure

RSC and SZC – are small wall-mounted or floor-standing enclosures characterized by factory-installed 19-inch rack. R...


PS IP 55 – Control Enclosure

PS – is a standing enclosure and has an openable upper lid, on which mounting of electrotechnical equipment is possi...


PM IP 65 – Monitor enclosure

PM – is an enclosure dedicated for monitor and characterized by high tightness and modern design. The standard offer...


ZK IP 44 – Cable connector enclosure

ZK – is a standing enclosure, designed for cable connectors, measuring or building switchgears


Z IP 55 – Cable connector enclosure

Z – is a standing enclosure, intended for installation of electrotechnical equipment and automation eg on power stat...


SWRS IP 20 – Station switchgear enclosure

SWRS – is a standing enclosure, intended for installation of electrotechnical equipment in the form of busbar insula...


DSZ IP 55 – Outdoor double-wall access system enclosure

DSZ – is a standing enclosure, representing the optimal solution for external access systems. Thanks to the large fu...


STL IP 20 – Standard IT enclosure

STL – is a standing enclosure, used for assembly of network systems in 19-inch spacing. Applies to the separation of...


POK IP 55 – Industrial computer housing

Used to install monitors, computers, printers and other electronic or electric devices.


OK IP 68 – Marine enclosure

OK - is a small-size wall-mounted enclosure characterised by the highest tightness class. Dedicated to installation ...


TRISTAR – Three-chamber street cabinet

A three-chamber enclosure for the installation of traffic control equipment. It has power supply, meter and telecomm...


Offer of control cabinets

The control cabinets offered by our company are an excellent way to organize complex and diverse equipment and devices. Most often, electromechanical, electrical, electronic, pneumatic and programmable devices go into such cabinets.

The equipment inside the cabinet, not only the electrical equipment, must be, above all, safe. Therefore, eachcontrol cabinetshould meet all safety criteria. Our specialty is modern electrical cabinets, the parameters of which can be adjusted to specific requirements.

When selecting a control cabinet, what matters is functionality and whether the cabinet meets selected parameters such as: an appropriately high IP protection class (tightness), good mechanical strength IK, appropriate corrosion class (from C1 to C5-I/M), necessary certificates confirming high quality and compliance with standards.


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