Control cabinets – air conditioning:

The development of technology allows for the miniaturization of components and increasing the power of devices installed in control cabinets. This, in turn, creates both great opportunities and threats. With a large number of components and those that emit a lot of heat, care should be taken to ensure adequate cooling using ventilation or air conditioning.

The available internal and external devices with a wide range of power will help you avoid overheating of electrical components and avoid their damage. As part of our offer, we offer not only sales, but also comprehensive advice on the selection of appropriate equipment.

In order to select the appropriate model and power, please send us an inquiry with answers to the following questions:

1. Housing dimensions (width x height x depth)
2. Housing material
3. Required temperature in the cabinet, minimum and maximum values
4. Indoor/outdoor use
5. Tension
6. Minimum and maximum ambient temperature
7. Heat loss in Watts (not the power of the devices) or the maximum measured temperature inside the housing and outside
8. Assembly method

SoliTherm ComPact

Reliability and user friendliness are the best ways to describe the electronic controller being used in the ComPact ...


SoliTherm Outdoor

Outdoor conditions can take their toll on control cabinets. This is why our units are designed to protect the cabin...


Slimline PRO TOP – roof

SLIMLINE PRO TOP are roof-mounted cooling units that operate completely without filters, making them maintenance-fre...


Solitherm SlimLine

Maximum power to size ratio – this characterises the SlimLine air conditioners. Compatibility with market standards ...


SlimLine Pro

The innovative one man mounting systems from Seifert allows a screw less installation with no need of additional fix...


Water – air heat exchangers

Our compact air-water heat exchangers can be used in any place with access to cold water. Typical application is dis...


Air- air heat exchangers

Heat exchangers with cross and counter-current flows designed for for indoor and outdoor applications. High quality ...


Solitherm Peltier

Innovative Peltier thermoelectric technology ensures efficient and almost maintenance-free cooling solution. The Sol...


SoliTherm PROTEC Outdoor

SOLITHERM PROTEC enclosure air conditioners are designed for use in extremely harsh environments such as the petroch...


SoliTherm 19”

Reliability and user-friendliness - these features best describe the electronic controller for air conditioners from...


SoliTherm CoolMatch

These ultracompact and light air conditions are specially designed for small housings with limited installation spac...


DKC air conditioners

Devices for mounting directly on walls inside the building. They are equipped with a built-in condensate evaporator ...


Air conditioners for control cabinets

Compact components and power supply modules, often located in collective control cabinets, generate a lot of heat that must be dissipated for the elements to function flawlessly. This task is fulfilled by professional air conditioners for control cabinets or air conditioners for switchboards, several types of which can be found in our offer.

The available solutions include internal and external cooling devices. A wide power range helps optimize the device to the plant’s needs, and professional service is available to help at all stages of air conditioner selection. The main advantage of our devices is their reliability.


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