Galvar En

Patented technology


  • Glueing instead of welding
  • Patent Number: Pat.237638

GALVAR® Technology qualities

High tolerance to water

High tolerance to water and dust (IP)

Attractive price

Transportation ease

Find out about the patented GALVAR® technology, which offers exceptional corrosion and water resistance while providing an attractive price and ease of transportation. This innovative method of bonding instead of welding allows the zinc protective layer to remain intact, increasing the durability and quality of the product.


instead of welding
  • Zinc protection layer remains intact
  • High tightness of connections thanks to glueing
  • Possibility to connect different types of materials
  • Flat Pack version in option
  • Nano-technological preparation of a case to painting

GALVAR® Technology description

  • Zinc protection layer remains intact
  • High tightness of connections thanks to glueing
  • Possibility to connect different types of materials
  • No qualified staff needed for assembly process
  • Flat Pack version (flat sheet metal for self-assembly)

About Technology

Using dual-station spray booth cooperating with cyclon enables easy colour change with high paint recovery ratio. Such a solution considerably decreases the amount of paint used, reducing generated waste quantity.

Equipping a new painting shop with a six-zone washing booth enabled the usage of Nano-technological solutions for different types of metal surfaces preparation: black steel, galvanized steel, precious steel and aluminum. This solution enables to manufacture high rust-proof class products: C4 and C5.

The painting shop was installed in a newly built, modern edifice adapted for this kind of business. It is equipped with efficient air ventilation and filtration systems and with durable, easily washable floor. All these qualities guarantee maintaining high air cleanliness in a building, which contributes to a significant improvement of aesthetics of powder layers.


SZK-A- is a small-sized standing or hanging case produced on the basis of patented glueing technology and GALVAR sheet metal riveting. Welding was completely eliminated from a production process. As a result the sheet metal is characterized by intact zinc, protection layer, which makes the final product highly rust-proof.

  • Body: folding
  • Roof – screwed down to a body
  • Closure: Hinge doors with 105-degree opening angle. Possibility of self-changing the door opening direction. Cases up to 500 mm high have one D5 lock. Higher cases have two locks of the same type.
  • Mounting plate: made from galvanized sheet metal 2mm thick in every version.
  • Cable input: there is a cable culvert at the bottom. Measurements depend on a particular case width.
  • Grouding: there are threaded grounding pegs on a case’s door and body.
  • Others: doors have external hardening made from perforated z-bars that makes installation of extra elements easier.
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SZK-B is a large-size upright or wall-mounted enclosure manufactured using the patented GALVAR® bonding and riveting technology. Welding is completely eliminated in the production process, so the sheet used has an intact protective layer of zinc, resulting in a high corrosion resistance of the final product.

  • Body: folding
  • Roof – screwed down to a body
  • Locking: hinged door with 105° opening angle; possibility to change the opening direction of the door by oneself; lock in the form of a handle with the possibility of fitting a snap lock cylinder with a key
  • Enclosures from a width of 1,000 mm have bi-fold doors
  • Mounting plate: manufactured from 2 mm thick galvanised sheet metal in all versions; mounted on perforated supports adjustable throughout the enclosure depth
  • Cable entry: there is a cable duct in the bottom, the dimensions depend on the width of the respective enclosure
  • Earthing: Threaded earthing pins are provided in the door and housing body.
  • Other: the door has an internal brace made of perforated profiles to facilitate the fitting of additional elements
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